What Makes Travel Sims Better Than Wi-Fi Eggs?

Nowadays one of the more popular methods of staying connected while travelling is using Wi-Fi eggs. That means you takes a portable device which allows you to stay connected to the internet while you are travelling. However, there is another method of staying connected while travelling which is gaining popularity too. This is using travel SIMs.

These SIM or Subscriber Identity Module cards are prepaid cards which come to you from the mobile service providers of the countries you are visiting. That means you get to use their mobile services while you are there under their rates. Due to some very important reasons one can say this is a better method of staying connected than Wi-Fi eggs.

Is Delivered to You

When you order a sim card Korea from the reliable supplier you have chosen they send it to you to the address you have provided. However, with most of the Wi-Fi eggs you have to go to the supplier and get the egg from them.

No Need to Put an Effort to Maintain In Good Condition

When you are using a Subscriber Identity Module card you do not have to go out of your way to keep it in good condition. As long as you keep your mobile safe and charge the mobile properly the card will be safe too. With Wi-Fi eggs, since that is a separate device, you have to always keep an eye on it and protect it if you want to stay connected. At the same time, you have to keep in mind to charge it if you want to use it.

No Need to Return

Wi-Fi eggs are offered to you on a rental basis. That means once the rental period expires you have to go back to the supplier and hand it back to them. However, with the Subscriber Identity Module cards there is no such rental period. You own them. So once you have finished travelling you can throw it away if you are done with it.

More Cost Effective

Wi-Fi eggs can be more expensive as this is a separate device which is given to you on a rental basis. However, Subscriber Identity Module cards are not that expensive. They are, therefore, a more cost effective solution for your travelling needs.

Travel SIMs are a better choice than Wi-Fi eggs because you get them delivered to you, because you do not have to take extra care of them, because there is no need to return them and because they are more cost effective.